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Manual indexing only once a day? This is lame as can be

So I upgraded to CMS plan so I can access collections and search. I found the manual indexing and got zero results. I found that the page with all the info I was trying to search had an “excluding in search” checkbox, so I unchecked it. I go back to the settings to run the manual index again, and it says;

Manual indexing (once per day) - Like WTF!!

So, now I can’t develop the search page because the overlords at Webflow want more money to run manual indexing. There is no where in their plans does it mention manual indexing more than once per day requires a business plan. This is outrageous and sucks balls big time.

I totally agree. This one has caused me grief more than once. There are others that I have come across that are absurd. e.g. having to go to a business plan for the privilege of being able to enable file attachments to a form.