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Mangled some classes - trying to undo repetitive elements

I’m embarrassed to ask, nonetheless …

On my first tab (page), I have a heading Loyola University Medical center, and below that 5 stars. That’s exactly what I want.

This has repeated itself on the second tab (page). This is not what I want, despite my progressively dog-mangling of the classes, spans, and reviewing the forum posts, etc. Not sure what I did, but can’t seem to undo it without deleting it.

I just want to change the header to say ‘Overall Comparisons’ (on the second page), and NOT have the stars (on the second page).

I would delete it except I can’t rebuild an interaction that’s applied to the 5 stars. That was difficult enough (for me).

Many thanks for any assistance.

Hi @RB123 It will definitely easier to help you if you share your public link. It’s harmless to do so because it will only open in read only mode. You can enable it from your Site Settings.


My apologies Pastiwibawa,

Thought I head - I presume once ‘enabled’ it doesn’t have to be cut and pasted in here?

@RB123 Check image below. Notice colored boxes there. The orange one is your 5 stars. The red one is your Tab#1. And the blue one is your Tab#2.

Your Loyola heading and your 5 stars should be inside red box which is your Tab#1 as you want them to only show on Tab#1. Just drag that “Coming soon now” onto Container inside “tab 1 stuff”.

Try it and let us know your result.

Hope it helps. Cheers.

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You are the man!!

I dragged the h1 header and coming soon row into the container. Worked perfectly. THANK YOU!

Very much appreciated. There was getting to be no cliff high enough …

Thank you Pastiwibawa! You’re a prince.

Ahhhh… very grateful.


@RB123 LOL glad can help :smile:

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