Managing Project Timelines and Payments: Tips for Preventing Delays

Hello Webflow community, I’m starting this thread to share and seek a solution to an issue many of us have faced—projects extending beyond the initially agreed-upon scope due to client-related factors.

In my case, I handle projects from gathering requirements to development in Webflow.

How do you manage timelines to prevent project extensions? I’m considering implementing a milestone-based payment system, similar to what is done on Upwork, for instance.

Thank you in advance!

Thank you for your response and to ChatGPT as well :wink: My comment is more focused on how to manage project payments and not prolong them over time. For example, with mDash, something could be done.

I was even thinking of generating an invoice using Stripe and splitting the payments by milestones, but of course, we have to add the commission, and I don’t see it as viable now.

I’m going to work on a task calendar so that at least both parties commit to it, but I need to find a way to “penalize” if one of the two parties doesn’t fulfill their part.

HI @jselva I will delete my response as It is now not relevant to your request. BTW, I have used GPT rephrase my own proposal to be more general what can be included as Im lazy to type ;). Sorry for misunderstanding your request title.