Managing lots of slider images with text

Ha! I’m working on a large website that has sliders with slides consisting of an image and text in many places.

I currently have the following setup:

  • A collection called ‘Slides’ containing all the images with text.
  • On the different collection pages, I can add the appropriate slides to a slider through a multi-reference field.

However, I have multiple collection pages and more than 500 image slides. The multi-reference selection is not visual; it’s just a textual dropdown. This means that the client has to select slides in the editor based on the title of an image. Without a preview of the image, managing this becomes nearly impossible. The client has now named all the photos as “photo 1,” “photo 2,” “photo 3,” but even if you give them a unique name, it’s still very cumbersome to manage.

Does anyone have experience with this issue or other solutions regarding large sites with many images and their management?