Managing emails from Webflow Forums

Hi all - I’m new to Webflow and the Forums, so kindly forgive me for the n00b question, but how how do I make it so that I only receive emails from the Forum when people reply to me or a topic I started, instead of what happens now where I receive emails for ALL topics posted to the forum?

I see the “Unsubscribe” link that comes with every message, but the options are pretty limited to turning off ALL email notifications, when what I want to do is to ONLY receive notifications when I’m @mentioned. Is this possible, or will I have to unsubscribe from emails entirely?

Hello @quartey

In your forum account go here:

and here the section you need to make changes:


I was thinking some similar to what @aaronocampo said
Except turn off all your notifications
I.e.: someone sends me a message, someone quotes me, etc

Then change activity to 2 weeks.

But even that does really get you what you want.

For me…
I used a dedicated email address just for webflow.

So the amount of messages is never an issue.

I have to purposely check that address to see messages.

Why not create a webflow specific gmail address ?

Is: or something like that.

Issue resolved here Forum is Spamming Email Notifications