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Managing clients sites

I am writing this topic because many costumers do not have any knowledge of webflow let alone css/html so I will probably have to manage their sites. This is more organisational question than technical-how to properly manage sites so the clients requirements and corrections are completed quickly and effectively. Do your clients do their own further corrections?

I’ve found a couple of ways of managing clients websites on the forum. But I am wondering what is your practise dealing with the hosting and clients further corrections and additions after the launch of site. You guys transfer site or leave it on your account?

Im new to webflow and freelance so i dont have a lot of experience so thanks to all who will take the time to leave a comment.

Hi @Mitja_Vidovic Welcome to the community! :smiley:

With the Webflow CMS, you can leave the site on your account and give access to you clients to make minor changes to it.

For more information on this, please refer to these articles:


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