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You got me excited but both of those options have fees. Plasso has a stripe fee and Dwolla has a monthly fee along with possible transaction fees. When I am only doing 1-2 large transactions a month, neither of these options make sense. What I want is the ability to have the client manage a hosting plan themselves without having to shake them down for money. Why would you want extra steps?

As far as taking payments, I’m still looking for something that is completely free like quickpay but doesn’t require such a hassle for sign up.

@DFink I think you missed the free account option at the very top of Dwolla’s page. They do have some paid plans but I simply use the free account. The tradeoff is it takes longer to receive the funds and your customers have to create an account and use their bank rather than a credit card. That may be a deal breaker for some.

As for Plasso, sorry, I did forget to mention there is a Stripe fee but honestly, all credit card processors charge some kind of fee.

Problem with Dwolla is that my client would have to trust them with their bank information and to set up an account and go through a validation process which is a very hard sell. Chase quickpay does the same thing but doesn’t charge anything to transfer money once done.

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@DFink Luckily, my one client does trust Dwolla and actually had done some research on them before I told him about it. But I understand it will be a hard sell for some. That’s why I also use Plasso.

We use to manage all of our hosting needs.

What does that have to do with this discussion?

I use Hiveage for invoicing, and Braintree as my payment processor. Hiveage charges a fee, but you may not need the service. Braintree however, has been offering the first $50k in transactions for free.

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