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Making this cool with mobile

I set up this funky roll-over feature on the home page based on a video by Nelson but can’t quite make it right on mobile. It leaves a big white space since the roll down is hidden. Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @engine7design,

I’d recommend re-formatting those columns so that on mobile they look more like the “after” version on desktop (maybe keep the blue background, make paragraph text visible). I’d set the interaction to only trigger on desktop and maybe tablet.

If you still want some interactivity/motion there, you could have those paragraphs appear when scrolled into view on mobile.

Just some thoughts – I hope that’s helpful!

Thanks Blakelam. I actually thought the same thing and did that. But when I looked at it in desktop mode the changes I made to mobile ALSO happened there which is def not what I wanted. BUT you mentioned making it trigger only on Desktop and Tablet and thats did the trick! THANKS!

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