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Making the slider transparent

Hi, I have a picture (Normal picture block), and want to add a slider on top of it. So that you see the picture under, but the slider shows quotes (the pictures in the sliders will be transparent PNGs with white text) over. But I havent been able to make the slider see-trough. Any way to do this?

can you give us your public link so we can see your project?

To make the slider transparent choose the Slider element and set fill color to transparent.

Also, best way is to add a background image to each slide or the slider element (if it’s going to be in all slides).

Hi and thanks for very quick replay!!

Here is the test site:

I wanted the You had me at bad quote to be part of a slider, so that it moves and another quote appears. So the picture of the jar is not going to move.

I though I had tried to put the slider fill color to transparent, but I will have another try:)

And by the way, you probably see that on the mobile device screen size, the menu tab (the three stripes in the menu) isnt overlaying the pictures and the first text box. I have move the z-number up for the menu but it dont seems to have any effect.

Hey @Cas I can’t find a slider on that page. Where is it?

Hi and thank you for the quick replay. Its Easter holiday here so sorry for the late replay:) My bad, I didnt know that you wanted to have a look at the page WITH a slider, so I all ready removed the one I tried to make transparent in the first place. But I tried your tip and it worked really good, so I am not sure what happened when I tried the same thing the first time. THANKS!!!

But do you have any ideas about the mobile menu (the 3 stripes) and why it is sliding under other element on the screen when I scroll down?

And again, THANK you for the replay, this is the best support forum I have been too:)

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how do u go about changing the colour of the slide nav buttons??
want to change the colour from the default black and grey…

You may have edited the z-index of that element or other elements so they are overlapping.

@Amreet_Gill check out this topic:

Thanks. Have tried the z number many times, but guess there are something I am doing wrong. Will have a new

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