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Making the page link refresh to top

Hey Guys, I would like to set my Nav bar logo link to refresh the page from the top of the current page.

The closest I got was setting the link settings to “A section in this page” to the top element of the page so it would scroll up on click. I would like for it to refresh the page at the top instead of scrolling up. How can I obtain that?

I cannot use the “Link to a different page section” option either because that would just direct me to a different page not the current page.

Thank you.

I don’t get it… if you set the link to the page, without specifying a section, it will refresh the page to the top… doesn’t it?

Now I can give you a trick I found, that will make the page jump to the top without the scrolling. Name your top section starting with a digit. Like “7op” instead of “Top”. That’s a bug I think, but we can use it, it nukes the smooth scrolling and jumps directly to the section. :slight_smile: Hope this helps.

Thank you @vincent for your feedback.

I’ve tried setting the top of the page section to start with a number, but I think that bug is now fixed. It scrolls smoothly.

if you set the link to the page, without specifying a section,

I think you mean setting the link to a different page? Yes it does refresh at the top once the link is clicked, however it links to a ‘specific page’, and that’s the part I didn’t want. I wanted it to refresh at the top of the current page.

I found a workaround however, through creating another Nav bar that looks the same on a different page, and set a different link to it. I’m sure this wouldn’t be the best fix, but works for a simple website like mine for now :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support! :smiley: