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Making section sticky

Hello Community,

I am trying to make a section Sticky. I referred this link for that, but it’s not working. Don’t know what’s wrong with what I have applied. Any help?

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the read-only link:

The div with “Summary” class has Position = Sticky. It’s parent Columns element has Position = Relative.

Hello @gautamlakum,

your position sticky is not working because sticky-positioned elements are only sticky within their parent element. Since your sticky container is inside a column element, it never gets the chance to stick, because it is being scrolled within its parent element. You have to make the section where you have the sticky element the parent container and don’t use columns. I hope this helps.

Thanks @Pablo_Cortes That worked. Setting Position = Sticky to the left column also didn’t work. Anyways, but replacing the Columns with simple Div structure worked. :slight_smile:

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