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Making interactions visible on a windows 7 browser

Hi what’s exactly the problem and what is the browser in question? Name and version.

I was testing on win7 IE earlier this week with no issues on interactions actually.

The browser is Windows 7. The link buttons have an interaction on a mac as shown on the pic below

but on a windows 7 browser, there is no interaction.

Hi @Starlord, what browser version is it that you are using ? I just ran some tests, and the interactions were working on your published site, for Windows 7 and IE 11, 10 and 9. Interactions are not supported in IE8 or lower. Cheers, Dave

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Hi @cyberdave, thank you for your assistance. Just one more thing, is there a script or a way we can make the icons stay hidden in IE8 or lower but still maintain the interaction on the rest of the browsers?

Hi @Starlord, thanks for the update. Probably so. I need to take a look, I was actually still looking at the issue with the three logo sections on the mobile display:

, but I will take a look at this too at same time. I appreciate your patience, we help with design or custom code issues when we have free time from technical platform tasks :slight_smile: cheers, Dave