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Making individual text scroll animations

I am fairly new to webflow, having come from Wix, but wanting more complex design options.
Now I made a text scrolling animation (text scrolls horizontally on a loop).
It works perfectly for the one line of text, but when I make another line of text (which I want to scroll in the opposite direction) it automatically has the scroll animation from the first one on it when I select the new text and go to the animations tab.
In preview the second text does not do anything (while the first text still works perfectly).

On this view only link you see the first text working as i want it to.
I want to put a text below this one, in the same style but moving in the opposite direction.

So my question is, how do I make these two texts have their individual text scrolling animations?

Hi Dean!
With a quick look at your site, pretty sure you just need to reverse the animation you made for the first line.

Hi, thank you for your reply!!

The problem is, anything I change on the second line of text, changes for all of them. If i take off the animation from the first one, it is taken off the second one too.

Another thing is the second and thirf line of text are notmoving at all. even though they have the exact same animation on them as the first line, which is moving.

So it seems the animation is only working for the first line, even though all lines of text have the same animation. And edits to one line’s animation translates to all other lines of text.