Making images fixed within a Div Block


I’m having a hard time making an image fixed within a div block without making it as a background image.

This is my reference:

Here is my site Read-Only:
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@PhilipVaarskov you can try to set image 2 to 100vw

Why only images 2? I can sort of get the effect by adding it as a background image and set that to fixed, but then I cannot specify the image to be 100% width within the div block… any ideas?

Hi @PhilipVaarskov this was only an example, I will suggest to visit Webflow University to get basic understanding how to work with Webflow and take some free CSS course on YT to get familiar how things works.

I have already done that, but I can’t seem to get the parallax effect I want, can sort of get it if I set a background image on a div and set that image to fixed but then I can’t control the size of the image…

Any Ideas?

Thank you for the great help.

In your original request was nothing but how to set an image to cover a specific area. Nothing about parallax, please next time make your request clear.

Because working with Webflow requires some basic understanding of CSS here is an ARTICLE that may clarify how to create parallax with pure CSS (no JS). Once you will understand how to, you can implement it into Webflow.