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Making image take up whole vertical height in slider


I have added an image onto a slider. The SSD powered websites along with the rocket is actually the image. However this image does not scale to the bottom of the slider as shown below. I tried increasing the vertical height of the image but that does not help.

I want it be be like, where the image takes up the whole length of the slider. How can I achieve this effect?

Hi @Arnab_Sinha, thanks for your post. Per our support guidelines, could you share the read-only link to your site, and are better able to assist you with your design question :slight_smile: More info on the read-only links:

Cheers, Dave :slight_smile:

Hi @cyberdave, i missed the guideline. Thanks for letting me know

here is the link



you try to give a nested container a height of 100%, but no other element within or before hast a specific px height value.

In my understanding this wont work. Who defines what 100% is? No one.

Try to give at least one element…e.g. Hero, Slides, Mask etc. one fixed value.
e.g. 700px height. But you have to do that for all viewports.


Hi @Arnab_Sinha, are you still experiencing the issue? I looked at the site and it seems the slider image is taking the whole slider height now? Just checking in on this :smile:

Cheers, Dave

Hi thanks @Daniel_Schultheiss i implemented your suggestion by giving one fixed value. That worked. Thanx :smile:

@cyberdave yes my prob is solved. Thanks for checkin in.



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