Making custom code a trackable action

Hi there, I’ve set up a web page for music pre-orders for my band. We use Shopify as a regular storefront but wanted to keep everything all on one page for this campaign. This involved using Shopify’s “Buy Button” app which gives me a bit of custom code I can embed on our site for any given item we’re selling. This all works great except that when using Google Ads or a Facebook pixel, the buy buttons provided in the Shopify code are not recognized as actual buttons and therefore any clicks on them are not trackable actions.

Is there any way I can embed the buy button code within a button or put the code in a div and that clickable? Maybe those would be seen as trackable actions.
Thank you!

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Hi @RadkeTime, this will be because the buybuttons are injected as an iframe. I may have a solution we came across this a few years ago and built out a solution which instead of using an iframe injects the button as a html element meaning the click is tracked :slight_smile:

Not only this but it also allows you to style the elements (button, varient dropdown, cart etc) within the visual element of webflow as it will get it’s css styles from the main webflow CSS.

Here are a few example of it working.

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