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Making Blog Posts - Duplicate Info on EVERY page

Hello -

I’m trying to make several blog / post pages.

Everytime I try to make a new post page, it copies the previous posts from the same PAGE category. Every post looks identical!

PAGE - 10 Types of Pizza.

POST - 10 different posts (from Cheese to Basil and Mushroom - but all text & images are identical on every post!).

If I make a text change to post 5… then all 10 posts are effected.

If I add a picture to post 9… then all 10 posts are effected (by getting the same picture).

All posts are identical and I can’t make them unique.

I can NOT find out what I’m doing wrong -

Plz help. THX!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)


I’m sure that something is going wrong, I don’t know to tell you what, since you didn’t attach you read only link (please do that for better help). You might need to pay attention to your collection page - check this tutorial, hope it will solve your issue