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Making Animation responsive

Hi there! Im super new to webflow (and designing in Adobe Illustrator) and thoroughly impressed by the community. There was a site in the showcase section that showed an animation of different objects coming together to form one big object as the site was loading. So I attempted to do that here:

Question: how do I make this whole thing be centered & responsive?
Question: Am I setting the following things correctly?
All of the images are in one div- one container- one section.
The div is set to Relative, auto.
The container is set to Relative, auto.
The section is set to Relative, auto.
All of the images are set to Fixed position, relative to body, auto.
All of the objects have a specific starting point and and end point that Ive mapped.

Not entirely sure if there are specific settings I should be placing on all of these items & their positions. Hopefully I exported the graphic correctly from adobe.

Thank you so much,

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I would suggest to take a look at some of the videos in

And my suggestion would be work with percentages on your divs and positioning on the canvas.

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