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Making a text field conditional to the chosen product variation

Dear Webflow users,

I am making a website for a client. He is going to sell wooden furniture. He has a base price for the smallest version of the product. I want a text field to say ‘from’ (indicating that the price the potential client sees is the base price) and disappear when a specific product with collecting price is selected in the e-Commerce option field. See the screenshots for reference. However, when I look for ‘Conditional Visibility’ section, I cannot choose ‘Option equals…’. There is simply now way to set a condition for the selected Option in the Option Field. How can I make sure I can link a label or text field to the selected product option?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @BoazTepper,

on your collection fields you have to create a field for “from price” and an option field for the other price values (“option equals”) then on the conditional visibility section you add “from price” visible when option field has a value. You can’t see the option equals because I am assuming the field was not created yet? If you can post your read only link and I will try to help you further.

Dear Pablo,

Thanks a lot for your time! I do not clearly understand you, though. I was assuming I did not need to create another ‘Option’ field, because there is already an Option List on the Web Page (below ‘Afmetingen’). I would like to have the text ‘vanaf’ respond to the user behavior in this Option List.

Do you get what I mean? If you still need to see the read-only webpage, let me know!

Glad to hear from you.

Kind regards,


Hello @BoazTepper, I would need to see you read only link, it is just hard to understand your set up with only a picture.