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Making a specific page unresponsive

As the title suggests, how can i make a certain page unresponsive

This is the page i want unresponsive because on phone it just doesn’t work.

Help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Here is my public share link: LINK
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I have never tried it but by setting a width in pixel for the elements composing the layout, you should end up with a design that’s not responsive for this page.

Avoid using “Container widget” for this page. It seems you don’t anyway.

For Devices, select the upper element (seems to be ‘rooster wrapper’ for your page), add a subclass to it, like “unresponsive” so your changes aren’t going to affect other pages where rooster wrapper is, and set the width to a value where your table is still readable, like 800px. Check if the value persist for the other devices and test the result.

You may have to do the same for header elements too.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, i will definitely try it.

Would be great to see this integrated into Webflow.

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