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Making a slider start with the first slide

I want to use a slider to tell a story in a couple of sentences. Each slide has a sentence and a background image. There are five slides all together. Is there a way to make the slider start always with slide 1 and not at random?

They usually start with slide one. Are you seeing a different behavior?

Yes. I know it’s not normal.

Can the reason be the fact that I gave the individual slides each a different class (because they all have a different background image)?

Can you provide the read-only link and a link to the published site?

I’m sorry for my late reply. Also I forgot to mention it’s about an auto play slider. So my question is: can I make an slider start with the first slide when it’s in autoplay? Thank you.

It would be easier to diagnose your problem with a public share link. May you please add one? Thanks! :wink:

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