Making a horizontal stacking slider where each of the slides should change their size and background as I change the slide, without custom code

I wanted to make a clone of a website where the slider looks like this [slider].

making a horizontal stacking slider & each slide should change their size as I change the slide, wanna do without custom code

The wrapper width is 100% but the slide divs have a max-width & height in pixels and each slide has a different size if they are not active. Is there a way to change the size & background of wrapper for each slide? e.g. when the first slide is active, the wrapper background turns to white, its width decreases and its height increases.

I want to achieve it without custom code because I haven’t purchased Webflow plans yet, so this feature is not available for free. I tried it with using the slider in Webflow and changed the width & height of the slides in the interactions panel, as they were clicked but that didn’t work. I also tried to give each of the slides 3 classes & tested if I can toggle between these classes but that was even worse.

I would be very thankful of you guys answering my question😉.

Is there anyone to answer my question. I’m stuck since 2 days😩. Help me please😊

Hey Rahman,

To get help in the forum you need to show what you’ve built and share that readonly designer link, so that the community can help you locate the problem.

Also, it’s holidays so very few people online.

Webflow’s slider is pretty limited, and I rarely use it. I’m not sure you can get the next/prev arrows below it easily the way you’ve depicted, without custom CSS/JS.

Normally I use swiperjs, but you’ll need custom code support to be able to build using that library.

As @memetican said, you need to share a readonly link if you want someone to help you with how you’ve built something.

I also never use the native Webflow Slider. I also tend to use swiperjs in projects that need that kind of functionality.

The only way I can see to do this natively would be to build it all with custom divs and multiple versions of the forward and back button so each slide would have their own buttons; therefore, you’d be able to make changes for each click forward and back. It would be challenging to build and maintain compared to doing it with custom code.

Thank You for giving me the advice Michael Wells and Mr. Smith-Cordell! I will share the read-only link in a Couple of days, because now my website looks really destroyed, so I wanted to give it a bit of shape. By the way I have one other question namely, how could I set a base typography size in order to have a responsive font-size without having to change the font size on each element separately for each canvas-size.

Wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HEAPPY NEW YEAR!:christmas_tree::christmas_tree::sparkler: