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Making a gallery page

I want to make a gallery page from scratch. There will be clickable thumbnails that open to an enlarged image.

I’m presuming that I will be making a separate page for each enlarged image, but just wanted to check to see if there are any shortcuts.

Also, if the thumbnail page is very long and needs to be scrolled, after the enlargement is viewed, I want the click out to take the user back to the same position and not to the top of the gallery. How could that be done?

Hi Vernon,

It sounds to me like a lightbox would fit the bill? Large image opens up and you are still in the same position when it is closed, also you don’t need to leave the page so better for the user?

I read a couple of your previous posts - it looks like your aerialphotography site uses a lightbox, so is it something different that you are hoping to achieve?

Hope that helps

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