Making a div block's position Fixed within 1 slide of a slider


In the 4th slide of the slider within the link, there is a div block called “Research Header Div”. I want to know how I can make the position fixed within this slide. Changing the position to fixed doesn’t seem to do anything.

Hi @MacreMedia_LLC, hope everything’s well.

What are you trying to accomplish? Inside a relative container, the FIXED element will react similar to an absolute position. The main issue is that the slider in Webflow works with absolute positions, so placing a fixed element inside may cause conflict.

In this video I share the way it behaves

@Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo I am trying to keep that research header div in a fixed position while scrolling. Will changing the position of the relative container to static fix this?

I tested two options, being the second the one I believe you are looking for.

Look at this video

@Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo the way its functioning is perfect but is there any way to remove the scrollbar display?

There are two methods in the video. You can always edit the scrollbar style and hide it!

Sorry I forgot to mention that it was the second option that I chose. Sorry I don’t see how to edit the scroll bar style