Make the old tutorial videos available

I am severely saddened that the ‘help’ section revamp removed some help videos that I really need to use.

In particular, the one that showed text overlay on a picture upon hover. I used this video to help me build the element once and it worked great. That was a while ago and now I don’t recall how to do it and went to look for the video, which is gone, like so many other severely useful and helpful videos.

So now my only recourse is to ask for help in the forums, which seems like an utter waste of time when the help was already available.

Add a ‘misc’ section and put all the other videos that don’t fit into the new categories, there. Do something. Taking aware tools that really do help people with WebFlow is a kinda silly thing to do.

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Hello @DragonDon

You can still search through our YouTube Channel for old videos ( . But I understand that workaround isn’t a good solution to the issue. We are currently updating all of our videos to reflect the many UI changes we’ve had recently.

Sorry again for the inconvenience :confused:

i made a similar wishlist request last week. i agree. i see a lot of folks around here asking about the old videos.

as for your immediate need…check out this tutorial from the blog

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Thanks for the feedback guys! We’re actually restructuring our tutorials on out help site so it’ll be easier to add more content. We can’t bring back older videos because the interfaces are outdated (this will confuse new users). Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

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thanks @thesergie. is a youtube playlist of old videos out of the question? that is what my request last week was. there could very easily be a disclaimer included with this playlist as not to confuse new users. not necessarily saying you guys should highlight the old videos but just provide access to them to those who found them helpful in the past.

Yeah we’re considering including older vids with a note.