Make the content disappear by itself

Hello everyone, I’m using simple code to appear and play the music of each character, what happens that the person needs to click to appear the content and then click again to disappear to appear the content of another character. Does anyone know how I could do that when I clicked to appear the content of a character, automatically disappear the content of another that may be appearing?
Sorry if it is not very clear, but looking at the content below, it can be clearer!

When you click on a character it appears the content of it, like some texts and a song. If the person does not click on the character, it will appear content of other characters, on top of the previous content. To avoid this problem I would like that even if the person does not click on the first character again, the content disappears. Let the area be clean for the person who can click on other content.

I mean, the text, the music of each character