Make sag in div move to side on scroll

Hi, I have a SVG of some waves that I want to move to the left when scrolling down past 60% ON MOBILE.

I have put the SVG in an image-block inside a div. Div is sat to 100% vw .

Problem is that even though the SVG is 1900px wide it shrinks to fit when in mobile portrait. How can i make it to be, say 1400px and only show the first 1126 (iPhone) and then push the to left when scrolling.

(I feel like this is hopelesly bad written, but if anyone understands, thanks in advance!) =)

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This is how you make sure to allow for images to be wider than their containers.

Thanks, got it to work but now the whole mobile is dinged- it is the width of the SVG…

set overflow: hidden on bolgen hero. That is if i understood what you’ve said the problem is.