Make responsive as I build?

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Quick question. I’ve just started building out the sections of my site and when I finished a section I then go and modify it to look good across the breakpoints. Is this the easiest way to do this? Or should I wait until I’ve finished the Desktop version and modify down?

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Hey @paxenterra, in my opinion you would want to finish the desktop version first. It’ll give you a better look into the whole design when you’re scaling down.

Especially if you’re working for a client, then it’s best to finish 1 page in desktop than 1 responsive section.

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Thanks @dennyhartanto.

Another step further then. Would you finish the whole site on desktop and then begin scaling down the whole site together rather than one page at a time? My site will likely have 7-10 pages with a lot of CMS pages.


No probs.

For me, in our development process, we would complete the whole site and functionality in Desktop and only start on mobile when Desktop have been approved.

So I still prefer completing most of the Desktop site before going into responsive.


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Ta very much

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Anytime :sunglasses: