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Make pins on top of map follow map when scaling

Hi all

I want to make a world map that has pins that fades in when scrolling to the map.

So far:
I have put the map (svg file) inside a ‘Section’ and then a ‘Column’. I then put the pin graphic and text label inside a div that is set to ‘Position Absolute’ with z-depth 1 in the same column as the map. Now I can move the pin to the right position.

The problem:
When I scale down the site to tablet/phone, the map scale down, but the div with the pin inside do not scale, thereby moving to the wrong position on the map.

How can I set it up so that the pin scales with the map, keeping the right position on the map?

Printscreen of set up:

Hey @Christoffer . Nice concept there. Did you use percentage based values when positioning the pins?

Hi Alex

Ah, stupid me! With percentage it worked great! Thanks!

Very welcome @Christoffer

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