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Make pages un-publishable ? Google can't find them

Is there a fast way to have a page that is in the designer not show up when published.

I was hoping a folder could be denoted ‘hidden’ or what I’ve done is hacked it by calling a folder ‘sandbox’ and all pages that I don’t want on the site are in there, but when I publish the site, I still need access to these pages.

make sense?

or on top of that, what is the fastest way to put in the robots no follow so that search engines like google don’t index pages?


This way:


@vincent is there anyway to do this on a per-page basis and not the whole site? thxs


The screenshot I gave you show that the code is entered in a custom code zone at page level, not at site level.

Page level custom code has to be entered in page properties, hence only affecting the page.

Site level custom code is entered in the custom code tab of the sites’ settings, and affect all pages.

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much appreciated @vincent :wink: have a super day!

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