Make logo/brand image smaller for mobile version only HELP!

I have my logo in the nav bar at a width of 181 px for desk top and tablet. How do I go about changing the size to a width of 125 for mobile versions ONLY? Is it a combo class or smaller image to replace it?

The easiest way is to:

  1. Add a Div: Leave as Display:Block, add 5 or 10 inner padding on all sides (Helps separate logo edges)
  2. Place image component inside Div, choose logo to add
  3. Click on logo: Add 10vw to width only, no height needed

This allows you to scale the logo and the Div at the same time. I would place these styles in Desktop view, then move down to each view - and simply increase or decrease the width as you see fit.

Have Fun :grin:

Thx. You are a life saver.