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Make it easier to re-use IX2 animations (on different pages etc)

…I just set up a simple title fade in using animations which worked fine on one page then didn’t on any other page. After an hour I gave up and used legacy - all working perfectly in 5 minutes.

Please don’t bin legacy; it’s far easier to use and works fine.

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Can you send a link so we can see what went wrong? At the moment re-using an animation in IX2 isn’t straightforward (we’re working on making that much easier right now).


Thanks for getting back Sergie. I’ve deleted the animation now, but it was a simple on-load fade-up using move, opacity and text color.
For what it’s worth, I think IX2 is great but legacy is far better for simple transitions.

Hi @thesergie That sounds so great! I also hope you can look into interactions on duplicated pages. If I duplicate a page, I have to set the interactions to the right content all over again…it gives a lot of extra work, especially when the page is going to be the exact same… like, if you want to make a 2 language website, it would be a huge time saver being able to duplicate everything.

Sorry my bad English… hope you understand what I mean.


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