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Make background image bigger than the div?

My landing page needs to be 100vh / 100vw with no scrolling. The background is an image with a parallax effect so when the mouse moves the image moves.

I’m struggling to work out how to make it work. For the parallax image, I currently have:

min-height: 100vh;
min-width: 100vw;
The page is 100vh/100vw, as I need it to be.

The problem is that when the image moves (on mouse move), it no longer covers the page. I need to make the image bigger so that it covers the entire page at all times, but I need to preserve a full screen page without scrollbars.

I cant help but I wanted to say I love the creativity. Super cool. It’s going to look great.

I hope someone can help you.

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Cool idea.

Do this with the settings of your background image.

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haha than you :blush:

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