Make alternating text using .fade-up

Hi friends! After viewing this video on easy letter animations, I’m wondering if anyone knows how to create a .fade-up animation with alternating text using pure custom code?

I found out how to do alternating text with typed.js. I’m looking for a way to have the same concept of changing words, but with a different animation.

Here is a snippet of the code you would put in the body tag for a typed.js animation.
In strings, you can see the words you would alternate.

<script src=""></script>

  var typed = new Typed(".typed-words", {
  strings: ["Hello, my name is John.", "Hello, my name is Lisa.", "Hello, my name is Beetlejuice."],
  typeSpeed: 75,
  backSpeed: 50,
  backDelay: 800,
  startDelay: 500,
  loop: true,
  showCursor: false,
  cursorChar: "|",
  attr: null,