Make a client to use CMS collection

Hello, I want to know how.
Actually, I’m sure I can make 50 projects with my current account.
And I want them for my clients; each site for the different clients with each indivisual CMS collections.
I mean each content page not being posted by me but by each client.
Sorry for my being clumsy with English.

Do you want to create one site where your 50 clients will have one page each or create 50 sites where your client can edit and create items in separate collection?

Thanks for your reply. What is the different between those two; one site for multi clients, one page each and several sites where my client edit and create items in separate collection? And what is the way for those?

You can only invite 1 collaborator per site using the CMS so there is a limitation for you. So you cannot have one site with 50 editors, only one.