Make a categori bypass subcategoriens in CMS Collections


I am making a website with a productcatalog for a client and I’m wondering if there is a solution for this:

I have categories, subcategories, and products as CMS collections. Categories reference subcategories, and subcategories reference products.

Not all categories have subcategories. So how do I make it bypass that in the collections?

Did a quick drawing of what I’m asking.

If someone can help me out with this I will gladly order some food delivered for you!

This is possible by listing the product in multiple categories.

So for example you would list a product within it’s Main Category and it’s Sub category.

I’m doing something similar for my own site at the moment. Rather than having the links automatically generated with a collections list if you input the links manually yourself you have much more freedom to work with subcategories nested within each other. Hope this helps, if you’re still stuck post your read only link, and a little more info specifically about what you’re trying to do and where you’re up to so far and I’ll take a look.

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Thanks man!

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