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MAJOR ROADBLOCK: WE Cant use ecommerce due to our current site using /category/ slug already

Hello Team,
Super excited about the launch of ecommerce on WF. However when we try to launch the ecommerce system tells us we have to release the name ‘categories’ becuase the ecommerce system needs it.

Our news website uses this for all our news categories. So becuase of this one thing we are unable to now use e-commerce.

Can you advise is there is a way around this? We want to open a shop but this will make it impossible. We cant change the entire link structure of our current website (over 5000 pages) because the e-commerce system has to use /categories/ surely there must be a way to rename it and use an alternative?

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@laveritalondon I do agree with you i think that WF could rename the CMS tables to eProducts and eCategories. No conflicts and easu to understand

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I know this is in the works of being updated, but it is an issue for many users. Especially those who have had sites up and running for months or even years.


Hey @laveritalondon ,

Just to be clear… the eCommerce feature uses the slug /category/ .

I do agree, and think they are just using that name for beta… just want to make sure you know the exact slug.

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thanks. Updated the post!

Where is /categories/ even located? I cannot find it to rename it.


Christopher, within your particular project you have a page whose name/slug is “categories”. You need to change this page name/slug to something else. That is the only way that your ecom pages will populate.

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Is there anyway I can narrow it down? I cannot find it.

I noticed in the CMS collections section there is a button that says Category but I don’t know how to change that.

I also noticed it says within the “Pages panel” and I don’t know what the pages panel is visually.

I found the problem, and I was able to fix it. I was able to get ecommerce working.

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how did you fix it? im having this issue.

Hi @Caitlyn_Neal,

The way to fix this would be to change the page slug that is already using the “/category” slug to something else. Keep in mind, that when you do that, you should make sure to update or create any 301 redirects for that page and subsequent pages related to it.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

Does anyone know of a status update on this? Anyways, I found my workaround but I’m not totally stoked about it.

Since you are unable to change the “ /category ” from the slug and I didn’t want my slugs to be "/cateogory/category-name; I wanted them to be “ /shop ”/category-name, I used the folders option for my category pages instead of the categories template pages.

This works, but the only bummer about it is that my category pages were already built out under the categories template. So I essentially had to rebuild all pages.

Other issues:

  • I should also point out I didn’t want to do 301-redirects, I wanted clean direct slugs for this new store.
  • the pages are no longer dynamic so I have to make the changes to every ‘category’ page now. Even with symbols.
  • Update: You can use the parent page as /shop. You just have to create new page and call it shop.

Not a biggie for a small shop, but I can see how that would cause total chaos for a larger store. It’d be super awesome if we could change the category slug name under the e-commerce section.

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