Maintenance Snapshot caused recent style changes to be removed?

We fixed a bug recently by changing width from auto to 100% on an existing class. We created a backup at this point to save the change. Three people independently tested the change on the Webflow staging site and used dev tools to inspect the change where we saw it reflected in the CSS. Today when I published the change to our production site, it wasn’t there anymore. Width is auto on the class.

I don’t know how this could have happened. No one has done any work in Webflow since this change was made, so how could it have been removed? The only possibility I can see is that a Maintenance Snapshot backup was saved today at 10:43am eastern time. Could this maintenance work have wiped away our style changes? Where can I get more information about what this Maintenance Snapshot is for? How often are these happening, and do they always include potentially breaking changes?

I also checked our backups prior to the Maintenance Snapshot and the change doesn’t exist anywhere in the history even though I know that three of us saw and tested it.