Maintenance Backup?

I’m seeing something in my site that I can’t explain, nor can I find when it may have occurred, other than the possible maintenance backup #1? Point #2 is weird, since I didn’t so any work on my site today. So the added number of elements is odd.

Can someone explain why the enlarged logo appears in all my backups, but not on uploaded website or any preview. When I try to adjust the logo, it doesn’t behave like it should, i.e. shrink.

Hi @Grant_Davis, We ran some system maintenance last night that changed the way we store text nodes on the backend.

Before each site is migrated the system creates a backup called ‘Maintenance Snapshot’ as an extra precaution in case the migration ran into any problems.

The logo appearing larger in the designer is related to a separate update that went out today. It’s incorrectly applying the ‘empty’ class (normally used to make it possible to edit empty nodes in the designer) to your logo, because it’s technically an empty <a> with a background image.

We’re working on a fix for this to better differentiate between elements that should get that special empty class and those that shouldn’t. Thanks for reporting it! :palm_tree: :sunflower:


I just saw one created - on one of my projects

  • two minutes ago.

A quick scan - none of my other projects have this.

Guess they coming in time.

@Grant_Davis A work around in the mean time would be to use an image in the nav instead of setting a background image on the anchor element.

@Revolution This particular set of data migrations only takes place when you next open or interact with (eg: publish) a given site (if that site requires a migration).

Thanks for responding!. G.

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