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Mailto opens a new tab


I know that there is an issue with the exact same topic. Unfortunately this issue does not solve my problem and I cannot get an answer by posting there, so here is a new issue :slightly_smiling:

“old” issue:

same problem:
mail address - link setting - mail address => always opens new tab AND the mail program
mail address - link setting - external url "" => always opens a new tab AND the mail program
I want to tab NOT to open but only the mail program

Moreover there is no checkbox “open in new tab” to check or uncheck.

Please help me out!

Can you give us a read-only link?

The same happens with phone/call links now. It opens a new tab for no reason.

@jdesign & @rowan : Sure I can => @cyberdave actually replied and wanted to discuss the topic within the old post.
There you also can find the read only link.


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