Mailchimp subscribers counter

Hey everyone,

I’m building a simple page with subscribe form that goes to Mailchimp and I need to indicate how many people already subscribed there - so it has to be a live counter. Can someone please help me with code? What should I embed to Webflow to extract that number? Thanks!

You’ll need to work with their API with you want precise info. Here’s the article.

Hit me up if you need help implementing it:

Hi @Jeandcc @pondababa
I hope you are doing well,
I have exactly the same question !

I tried to understand how to do it thanks to your link @Jeandcc but I didn’t figure it out… Did anyone of you could help ? :pray: :pray:

(PS: I export my Webflow on Wordpress thanks to Udesly)
Thanks you so much !

Hey, I’m super in a rush here with a project but I’m gonna give you a quick draft of what you might need.

You’ll need to access mailchimp ‘lists’ endpoint to retrieve information about that specific list/audience. You want to perform a ‘read’ operation to get that information. You can either use a server or Cloud Functions (Google or Amazon Lambda) to handle the authorization process (if you need to do it from a secure environment ).

I believe the information for lists are located in this object:

In the end, the process would be roughly like this

  1. Your website (on the clients browser) will call your server/cloudF (secure environment) through an HTTP request (Javascript).
  2. Your server will handle the authentication process keeping you API key secure and it will get the information from mailchimp API.
  3. Your server will then return the information you’re looking for to the client, and you’ll handle it as you want. (ie: Updating the counter on the website

Another way to set things up are webhooks and keeping/updating that information in some sort of CMS collection in webflow. ( However I’m not sure if Mailchimp offers that kind of webhook)

Hi Maud, did you manage to do it? I’m trying to achieve the same thing but I’m new in this and a bit confuse on how to include it in Webflow, many thanks