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MailChimp signup form integration

@artistro08 Be sure to try different email addresses when testing your form. MailChimp will lock you out for 5 minutes when you use the same email repeatedly.



Alright I’ll try it now

I still get the same error. with any email. idk why :confused: the signup form is here:

here’s the public link also

@artistro08 It looks like the name of your Comment field is set to Email. It must have been overwriting the other email field when sending to MailChimp.

Also keep in mind that MailChimp will not store the Comment field. It looks like they only support:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email


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thank you! it is up and running :smiley: the comment field was the culprit.

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I’ve got the form working, but only the email is showing up in mailchimp. Not sure why. I’ve tried several changes with no change. Temp site can be seen here…

And here’s the public link…

I have added the code in the action field, used the default email field that comes with the form.
Pressed submit, the form says it worked, but it is not showing inside mailchimp.
Is there a delay in processing on mailchimp side?

I found out why Mailchimp seems to not work.
Registrations get processed by MailChimp waiting to be confirmed by the user.
Only all the emails have been send to my old email address where i have registrated mailchimp on.

This is really strange as it received all the confirmation emails from the different email addresses.
In the mail address information it says send from “address” to “address i filled in the form” but still i receive them all in my old email inbox?

Maybe something goes wrong inside the form sending information to mailchimp?

Hi there, helpful, but I am not seeing new signups post to my MC list. Does this have to do with the fields not matching. Perhaps something is missing from the explanation above?

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Are you definitely confirming the sign up? If you put your own email in to test but don’t click the confirmation email, the signups won’t show on your list.

Another problem that I’ve experienced is if you delete the field labels in webflow. Rather than deleting them, just give them a class and set it to display none.

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Do you mean that gives an error with Mailchimp?

Yes I believe so. It shows the error message saying ‘oops something went wrong’. I didn’t test thoroughly though so not entirely certain why the error is occurring.

Anyone tried So ,yes, is it easy to work with?


I followed the instructions above. The form submission is successful. It shows me the ‘Success’ state but nothing is showing up in Mailchimp. What am I missing?

This solution no longer works. The form action values generated by mailchimp are now different and do not include the http:.

I know that this thread is older but…

So the options for MailChimp are to style one of the MailChimp forms or use Zapier? I’m good with Zapier but to complete the dual opt in option Zapier is a little slow. Any other options?

Hi @gksargent, are you still having any issues with the MailChimp setup? The http link in the action property is not normally supposed to be using the ‘http://’, rather, it is using ‘\\

If something is not working with the MailChimp integration, the first thing to check is if the form submission is getting a 200 OK response in the Network tab of Chrome Developer Tools.

If there is a 2xx response on the POST message, then it could be that the field names in MailChimp and Webflow do not match, or the Double Opt-In settings need to be looked at.

I am happy to check if you need some help with that.

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Nope, seems to be working okay thanks

Hi @Sandtonian, thanks a lot letting me know. sometimes getting integrations between services can be tricky.

Our FAQ has been updated with the most current instructions:

@gksargent, I am happy to take a look if there is an issue, to help get that resolved.

If there is some corrections that need to be made, or if people have some tips to share, please do report those :slight_smile: