Mailchimp - Radio buttons and Checkbox

Hello guys,

I have some issues connecting a form with Mailchimp.
I followed the video tutorial step by step, but apparently there is no way to connect mailchimp to Radio buttons and Checkbox.

Is it a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

please see below the link to the website.


Hi @waterbear83!

Did you solve this problem?
You have to use name of radio button exactly how it on mailchimp form…

please tell me if you still need any help.

Eve Kayser

Screenshot 2020-05-19 22.15.22

  1. ALL the Radio Buttons AND Radio Button Labels have to have the same Group Name
  2. On MailChimp you have to create a Radio Buttons Field. Field Tag has to be the same as Group Name on Webflow
  3. In order to understand the choice of your subscribers, in Radio Buttons Field - Menu Options (Mailchimp) you have to set the same number of choices you have on Webflow and give them labels