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Find our published WF subdomain which is very much early on into a big project below as well as my read-only link.

Due to GDPR coming into play soon in the EU, we have to let all of our clients, current & future prospects review and set their communication preferences. I’m doing this via MailChimp’s free account and due to their current compliance limitations, I’m forced to do this via their non-code platform.

I’m having an issue with trying to link returning users who want to update their already set preferences. I have to do this via MailChimp’s *|UPDATE_PROFILE|* Merge Tag. See the walkthrough here:

The link renders as follows:
<a href="*|UPDATE_PROFILE|*" target="_blank">click here</a>

Mailchimp’s embed.js should convert it to the correct href link but Webflow is sending the user to*%7CUPDATE_PROFILE%7C*, which is obviously showing a 404. I presume either Mailchimp isn’t working as planned or Webflow is trying to find a page and overriding MC’s normal behaviour.

Head to and click the test link I’ve called ‘Change Preferences’ in the footer, then press ‘Click Here’ at the end of the small intro.

Is this an issue I can resolve with some code trickery from Webflow’s end or is it an issue with Mailchimp’s pop up form do you think?

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Hi @uxmike, the merge tag is only used by Mailchimp, but I am not sure if it works in embed.js or not, that may be a question for Mailchimp. In Webflow, there is no process on the Webflow side which is merging that info, it is all exclusively done by mailchimp.

Webflow is simply making the link what you set the url to be and since the data is not being merged into the merge tag, the url is invalid.

I am not sure exactly how you have the Merge tag field setup at Mailchimp, but here is an article on how to use Merge tags:

You might need to get a custom coder to help with this, some places to get help would be:

  1. The Webflow Experts: When you need expert help with a Site project, usually when you need a designer to build a full site, but can also be for small things you may need help with.
  2. Sixty. Sixty is a pay by the minute service, I would recommend when you need small coding jobs to do, like some script work, or could also be for design help.

I hope this helps.