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Mailchimp issues. Images or GIFs not appearing in email

Hello. I’m having an issue with one of my email campaigns in Mailchimp. I added an image and a gif to the email and it looks fine in the template and when I send a test email it appears fine. But when I send it out to my contacts (and myself) the images and GIfs do not appear and it is text only. This has never happened before. Just looking for help on this issue. Thanks!

Hey @james62 , do you have an authenticated domain? Emails from MailerLite or any company when hitting someone’s inbox will have a flag to the receiver who has to validate that they trust the content and the email.

It is most commonly shown as a banner on top of the email, and once the sender is validated, the images should download. If it is okay, could you please share a screenshot of the email window?

Hello, thanks for replying. I do not have a screen shot at this moment but I can send it later. I can see it when I do a test email and then when I send it out to my contacts it comes in as plain text and the test email and the main email that I send it is the same. So I can only see the images when I do a test. What is authernticated domain?

I see, please share the screenshot of the test email and the main email so I can compare them both.

In MailerLite, under Settings for your account, you will see Domains listed. If you click on that, it will direct you to a page where you are supposed to authenticate the domain which not flag inbox servers as spam.

Thanks! I don’t have the screen shot at the moment but can send it later. I’ll check those setting in mailchimp for the Domain.