Mailchimp Integration works 50/50


i have integrated the action code from mailchimp after i have read the webflow post for this solution. it works but only the first name will be displayed. whats going wrong to display the other fields “last name”, company and game result? has anyone an idea?

here is the webflow link:

and here the shot from mailchimp:

Check your form input names.

First Name is written correctly, I’d guess it’s because the field names don’t match up for the others…
i.e Last Name on your form is Name2.
Company is company
Game Result is game_result

Change these so they match and I imagine that will work.


Hi, thanks, ok now i have updated the text fields, but company and game result will not displayed. it seems the mailchimp don’t accept extra text fields?

I’m not entirely sure… I’m sure it was discussed in here a while back though

hi markos,

yes i’ve done all these steps and read this same post. for my last test mailchimp displayed me the mail address, first name and the last name, but not the additional field that i have added in mailchimp ( company and game result ) :frowning: