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Mailchimp help with form integration

I need help integrating mail chimp into my forms to capture the first name and email addresses. Although it says successful, i do not receive the submissions on mail chimp. Please advise. I’ve followed the mail chimp integration post but it hasn’t worked.

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Following this thread. is there anyway Webflow staff can make a video on how to integrate third party autoresponder codes into our emails. Also how to build opt-in forms in our webflow designs.

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Hi @Bryan_Trang

I had the same questions when I first started using Webflow

The link below will help you

I have now managed to create multiple Lead Capture pages all in Weblow but integrated into Aweber and my other CMS. Mailchimp will be very similar.

This is my first reply on the forums so I hope it help… need anything else I will try and help


I can’t see any link. is there a link to see what you actually did? I would love to see it

Hi @brilliantlights

You should be able to click the grey arrow in the top LHS of my post… I can here.

Let me know



Oh yes i can see it. Thanks.

Thanks guys! I’ve realized that the Mailchimp API isn’t directly integrated with Webflow and managed to find a work around.

Would you mind explaining your workaround?


hello Lorenzo,

I just have them submit their information to Webflow forms and transfer the information over to MailChimp Manually.

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