MailChimp form won't scale, help please

Hello there,

We have embedded the MaiChimp form code on our Lending page ‘request free shipping label’ - is there a way to make it responsive?

I’m not a coder so I’m unsure if it has anything to do with the code itself from MailChimp or we can change it in Webflow.

Our site is hoping to go live on Friday, just this last bit if anyone can help, please.

Many Thanks

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Set a max width of 100% to both the “div block 21” and “form block” elements and you should be good!

edit: sorry, that was for the form on your contact page (that actually needed help too!) I’ll take a look at the lending page now, but it may be a similar solution.

Yep, in the embed code for the modal just add a max-width property. Should look like this.

#mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px source sans pro; width:515px; max-width:100%}

You are amazing! I’ll try both of them now!

Thanks so much
Shanya :slight_smile:

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Heya! Sorry, it didn’t seem to work. Just to clarify, have I pasted the code in the right spot?

Edit : sorry fixed it now.

Glad you were able to fix it. :slight_smile:

For anyone in the future who may be looking at this, the code pictured here has the styles (that I have in my previous reply) added to the bottom, when they should be placed within the <style></style> tags more toward the top of the code.