Mailchimp error: Recipient has too many recent signup requests

so im struggeling here as well.

when im posting im getting an error message. if you guys wanna take a look

using google developer tool im getting this (im not so sure that this is the issue but i have done a lot of testing so… :)):

jQuery22009332522779059058_1486589814392({result: “error”, msg: “Recipient “” has too many recent signup requests”})
“Recipient “” has too many recent signup requests”

Can you give me the share link?

Have you tried Googling the error message?

Basically, your form is not sending to mailchimp with the correct field name. MailChimp ajax post returns "Recipient has too many recent sign up requests" - Stack Overflow

Hint: You do not have a field called “EMAIL”.

Hi im farily new at this hope that this is the link your asking for.

thx, im just starting to learn code so forgive my lack of knowledge.

how do i fix the field? im looking in visual studio for my index page, do i ad some code there or is it att mailchimp i have to fix somethins.

@Ligilo, do you have a field for “EMAIL” on your form submission in Webflow?

(Update…) I see a “login” classname where the email goes. Perhaps that is the issue? OR check your site setting and look for “Forms” and make sure there’s a field for “EMAIL” on there (maybe instead of the default name of the field)

you mean in the index page or where in the code can i find it?

Click on the textbox. Go to settings. Change the name “Name” to “EMAIL”.

This is a required field that mailchimp must receive, which is not sent to them, hence the error.

Thank you @samliew its working!!! :+1::punch:

I’m having this same issue on my site Really hope this info helps. Thanks guys!

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