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This may be a little off topic but since there are so many designers & freelancers here, I’ll go ahead and ask anyway.

Im relativately new in the business of freelancing and at previous jobs, there were always on premise mail solutions, but I’ve been asked a lot to get a decent mail solution for the clients, to accompany their website.

I would love to hear some suggestions from other people, which email solutions do you use for small businesses? I’ve been looking into Office 365 but I find the configuration to be tedious and they didn’t even bother to test their layout with other languages (text flows over boxes etc… very amateuristic). However, on other forums I read that Office 365 is the go to solution for small businesses (and even larger ones).

What are your thoughts on this? Would love to hear.

Tnx in advance!

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Mail from google is what im been using for myself and my client and realy liking it sofar.

A other (free) option is zohomail also works great just not such a clean interface as google has.

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I always recommend Gmail. I don’t see a reason to use a client when you have so many benefits with having a gmail address and using the online client.

You can also using Inbox by Google. I don’t like it that much, but for some I’m sure its useful.

Im starting in the making of a climbing gym thats going to be one of the larges in Europe. And every employe have to have a gmail and so do the board members. Makes it way easier to share google drive files and communicate.

But I also make them a company email and make it so that when they use gmail it send from an alias. <- thats the company name. But they are using gmail.

Thanks guys! Will look into it. Any experience with Office 365? Looks kinda pro :smiley:

I use Office 365 for various clients and they are happy with it. Email templates and office for teams are real time savers, the web application looks really nice (I prefer it to gmail) and is all tied together with the Office apps. It can be slightly overwhelming though and setting it up is cumbersome and frustrating.

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